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A website for women, and those who identify as women, to share their health concerns as part of a nationwide advocacy project.

Women’s Health Experience Canada was founded in summer 2020 by women’s rights activist Helen Kinsella to gather the health stories of women in Canada. The entirely non-profit, nationwide project, backed by the Women’s Environmental Network, is designed to serve as a platform to increase advocacy for gender equality in Canada. As a starting point, we want to gauge the important health issues for women and those who identify as women. We are thus asking you to share your stories, entirely anonymously if desired, via the form below. You are welcome to talk about personal experience or your community or environmental health. You may feel that your health issues are not being adequately addressed. You may have particular health-related challenges because of your gender or your cultural background. Perhaps you feel that you have experienced gender discrimination in a medical environment, or you know someone who has been in this position. Please consider sharing your thoughts and experience; it may help to transform policy, systems and, ultimately, the treatment of women and those identifying as women. Please note, your contribution will be published on the site. Thank you for your participation.

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