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I feel that doctors have alot to learn about women’s bodies. First, anything to do with menstruation, menstrual pain or more serious symptoms are totally overlooked. I feel if it were men who were having periods, it would be a completely different story. The menopause is also something male doctors don’t have a clue about. After my sister died, I went to the doctor because I had stopped having my period, and it started being erratic and weird, and I thought maybe it was the beginning of menopause. He treated it as a psychological effect, but it was pretty physical, and we never got to the bottom of it. I have never gone back to having regular periods. A couple of other doctors I have mentioned it to in the past said I was too young to have the menopause, but offered no other solutions. That’s how these kind of symptoms can be dismissed by doctors. I think the whole thing shows the lack of knowledge there is around the diversity of cases that can exist. I haven’t had any other of the classic menopause symptoms, but I would have thought your period disappearing is a big one! Furthermore, when my daughter was small, I took her to the doctor because I was a little bit concerned about the shape, or rather the width, of her vaginal opening. Plus, she tended to get quite alot of irritation there. The doctor, a woman, treated me like I was crazy, but the reality is, we don’t know that vaginas come in all shapes and sizes.