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S M Stephens

I’m a loving mother Caucasian 38 year old highly capable parent and adult under law I’m in bc Canada my healthcare has been mismanaged and handled in a highly unethical manner and I’m concerned about the lack of accountability within B.C. and Canada wide in regards to my health information financially expoiltave abuse towards a mother and daughter the lack of compassion and care n proper oversight of my family ministry services file with Westbank First Nation .healthcare I cannot access any proper services for myself as a woman n mother in Kelowna bc Canada this has gone on since 2019 . Deemed incapable illegally by ministry child family not by my doctor put thru as adult with special needs I have none I’m able to work n have illegal medical records I’ve been reporting everything since 2019 wrongful removal of my daughter illegal adoption papers .a lot of control over my life n enabling strategy in place to not progress or find recovery for my life . I have not had any support from ministry child family rcmp won’t talk to me I’ve been a mom everyday for 13 years my healthcare is put thru aboriginal n I’m documented as that to do a systematic dehumanizing plan in place for my life .im homeless .within the courts n in bc nothing was properly done n I have lost all personal being abused n expoilted and so is my daughter there’s so many barriers and walls around me I’ve been doing everything and anything I can to have support with abuse it’s family covert and hidden and I can’t access any of my information or getting my proper mail .i contacted United Nations did investigating of my own into my life .i have no human rights in. Canada .im worried I’ll be the next murdered woman all signs point to trafficking and much much more .i will be filing in court but I keep trying to report everything cuz then maybe system will change I always have had Ava n McFd closed there file I have tax fraud going on mail fraud healthcare illegal governance thru First Nations .im Caucasian only putting me as First Nations to suppress me and remove all my dignity from me nobody is considering how alienation n abuse n fraud can harm a mother and daughters life .i love aboriginal people I love all races there needs to be equality and more compassion towards single mother than mishandling of my healthcare to point my life is at risk .. I’m not impressed with the way indeginous and low income people are treated within healthcare and within government when it comes to programs or services .i am just a white girl who woke up to find myself in a colonial life dehumanizing and torture exactly what First Nations and ethnic groups have faced .i am now an advocate for indeginous women n children n would likely be affected by these woman probably didn’t get proper or any services or help .rcmp even though I have proof of everything.i guess I’m just asking if anyone can pray for me n my daughter