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Interactions with medical professionals/hospital

Leanne Grace

Trauma gets stored in our bodies. It leaves an imprint. Repressed emotions and chronic stress create toxicity in our bodies. And, these can lead to… Read More »Leanne Grace


I am sharing my mother’s story, on her behalf. She passed away two years ago, at the age of 78, after battling lymphoma for over… Read More »Sue


Je n’ai pas le syndrome de la blouse blanche, ma mère était infirmière. Je crois aussi qu’on a tous des bons et des mauvais jours… Read More »Étrangère81


I am unsure from what it stems, but I have had a constant mistrust of doctors. I try to avoid going to hospitals, making appointments.… Read More »Emma


I feel that doctors have alot to learn about women’s bodies. First, anything to do with menstruation, menstrual pain or more serious symptoms are totally… Read More »Anonymous